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Starting next season, June 23rd, we are introducing a new "PUSH" initiative that will help establish where each member should be at with their trophy counts and align the push effort according to their level.

To determine the baseline trophy count for the push of each member, or what we will be referring to as the "Starting Trophy Count" (STC), we will be applying this formula:

STC = Level x 10 + 1000

So for example, if a member is level 43, the STC using the formula would be:

STC = 43 x 10 + 1000 = 1430 trophies.

Any trophies above 1430 will be counted towards the "push" so if the level 43 member had 1600 trophies at the end of the push, the amount of trophies he has gained/contributed towards the push would be calculated as Final Trophy Count (FTC) - Starting Trophy Count (STC)

1600 - 1430 = 170 trophies

But if the level 43 member has 1330 trophies at the start of the push, he then has to go up to 1430 trophies first (STC) before any push trophies are counted, otherwise he will either end up with a negative or zero trophy count. So the more trophies you drop while farming, the more trophies you need to gain before you can contribute to the push effort. This will encourage members not to farm way too low on their current level particularly when the push season is about to start.

Other examples:

  • A level 65 player would need to start pushing from 1650 trophies (65 x 10 + 1000) onwards.

  • A level 80 player would need to start pushing from 1800 trophies (80 x 10 + 1000) onwards.

We believe that a clan wide push effort will:

  • Make the clan more active, stronger and tighter by working towards a common goal.

  • Attract better or high level players as the clan move up the ranks and at the same time help clean the house for inactive members.

  • Improve the member's game play according to their level as they employ different strategies and experiment with different troop/spell combos

  • Boost donations/requests numbers since CC troops play a key role when raiding difficult bases in order to get stars.


At the end of the push, we will publish the results of the effort here on the website and will recognize / reward members accordingly.

Consequently, members who appeared to have not pushed or did not step up their game maybe included when it gets time to clean the house. So if for some acceptable reason, you have commitments and will not be able to participate with the push, please communicate this to any of our elders and leaders so we can take this into account when it's time to evaluate the result.

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