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We have 4 straight-forward rules that we value and strictly enforce.  Please read and understand them carefully.

  • Donate before requesting. Look for open donations that you can fill-in before requesting for troops. New members in particular should wait for a chance to donate rather than requesting right away after joining.
  • Request only the troops you can make yourself. Do not ask for a dragon if you can't produce one.
  • Donate only what is requested. If the request has a specific type of troop, e.g. Archers only, don't give wizards or anything else.
  • Do Not Request for specific troop levels. This gives everyone a chance to be active in donating including low level members.

Exceptions that are allowed for CLAN WARS attacks only:

  • You can request for specific troop and level that will go with your attack strategy
  • You can request for something you can't make (hogs, dragons, etc)
  • Be respectful. We do not allow the F word. Any derogatory comments and racist remarks will also not be tolerated.
  • Be friendly, give advice when someone's asking or when you see potential for improvement, respond to questions when asked politely.
  • Don't mistake someone giving advice as being critical. Don't take things personal. Advice are given and it's up to you whether to take it or not.

Here are things that will either get you kicked or not allowed to come back!

  • Repeating to break any of the 4 rules above after a warning has been given
  • No shield 4 days after season has started. We want active players!
  • Joining then leaving to help other clans. Once you leave, you can't come back!
  • TH sniping during clan wars.
  • Not participating in clan wars without any notice to the leaders/elders.
  • Overly being rude or swearing in chat!
  • Advertising/Recruiting for other clans
  • If you're name appears on the banned list.

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