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  1. During prep day, scout bases that you think you can 3-star and develop a strategy how to attack it. 
  2. Edit your war base such that your storages are outside your walls and the defenses are inside. Remember in clan wars, you dont lose any resources. The storages have high hit points that you can use as shield/distraction for enemy troops to attack first while you shoot them down. 
  3. Build the best troops and spells per your strategy (dragon raid, hogs with heals, etc.) Plan your sequence of troop deployment, where and when. 
  4. It's ideal to place your Clan Castle near the center of your base to make it difficult for the attacker to draw out your troops. The same principle applies to your heroes
  5. DO NOT DONATE to the clan castles on the WAR MAP unless you can fill in the specific request (e.g. Lvl 3 dragons, lvl 5 wizards, etc). Be assured that our leaders/elders will fill in your clan castle with high level troops. 
  6. Seek advice on strategy from more experienced members if you don't know how to attack your targeted base. 

During War

  1. For attacking in Clan Wars, you are allowed to ask for specific troops and levels, even troops you can't make. This is the only time it is allowed so take advantage of it. Our leaders and elders will be glad to give you high level troops to ensure you go in strong.
  2. Never go to CW without a full arsenal. Ensure your camp is full, your spells are full and your Clan Castle is full.
  3. Always take care of enemy clan castle troops by luring them out to areas not within the reach of enemy defenses. This is the absolute first and highest priority since they are your biggest threat!
  4. You must use both attacks in the clan war. If not, please let an elder or a co-leader know prior to war that you may not be able to use both attacks. 
  5. Inactive members during clan wars may result in getting kicked out from the clan. 
  6. Absolutely NO TOWNHALL SNIPING! This will automatically get you kicked out of the clan! 
  7. Your recommended target might not be the ideal base for you to attack. Always check your equivalent position on the enemy side first or scout 3 or 4 bases higher than your recommended and check if you can 3-star those bases. If you are not sure, ask a co-leader or leader for advice. 
  8. Attack bases according to your level and strength. Don't attack lower bases just because you can guarantee a 3-star. This is not helping but will hurt us at the end since attacking a base way too low will rob our lower players stars they could have won themselves and will leave them no choice but to attack higher players with less chances of winning.
  9. Don’t attack a base thats already being 2/3 starred  
  10. If a base is already attacked with no stars or just 1 star, make sure you watch the replays of previous attacks on the base and try to strategize. Watch for the enemy CC troops composition and where the bombs, traps, hidden teslas, hidden air mines are. 
  11. Provide moral support to your clan mates and give recognition to any valiant efforts exerted by a clan mate.  Remember everyone have good days and bad days! We're all still learning!
  12. Review attacks that have failed and turn the negative into a learning/teaching opportunity by giving advice what and what not to do the next time.  

Good luck in war!  

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